Your brand image is the way consumers perceive your brand. That includes everything from brand voice and tone, to your customer's experience with your products and service, to visual representations of your brand.

From a visual perspective, this includes features like colors, format, fonts, and the "look and feel" of your website. All these pieces are part of your brand image.

Another important part of it is your logo design. Will a mediocre or boring logo make or break your brand image? Of course not. But if done right, your logo can grab attention and recognition with customers.

Should you update your logo design?

Just like other elements of your brand, your logo may need to be revised and updated at times. If you're not sure if you should update your logo design, think about these four things:

  1. Market changes: Be aware of new competitors or changing consumer expectations.
  2. New design trends: Keep up with trends and maintain a modern design.
  3. Company changes: Consider new products and changes to delivery models.
  4. New marketing trends: Your logo should fit social media profiles, websites, and other modern marketing tactics.

If you do decide it's time to refresh your design, what should you change? Let's look at some famous logo redesigns -- Instagram, Uber, and Taco Bell -- and analyze what's different about their designs. In their redesigns, these three companies used the following design trends.

  • Negative space: An area without color that looks empty, but when surrounded by other colors, it conveys a different shape or meaning.
  • Flat design: A style that shows images in a two-dimensional formal -- simple and minimalist.
  • Use of shapes: Including circles, rectangles, and triangles, shapes help represent organization and stability.
 inline image


In their logo redesign, Instagram kept their camera icon, but they represented it in a different way. The white lines use negative space to show the camera lens and flash. In the old logo, you can see shading around the corners to convey a three-dimensional design. Instagram stripped that away in the redesign, using flat design across the icon. They've continued to use a square and circle in their logo.

 inline image


Like Instagram, Uber used these same three features in their redesign: negative space, flat design, and shapes. The negative space is clear to see, creating a small square and line in the center of the circle like it's a destination on Uber's map. The old logo also had some shading to convey depth, with the bottom right corner darker than the top left. This was stripped away in the redesign, creating a flat affect. And how about shapes? The square and circle are a central part of the logo.

 inline image

Taco Bell

Taco Bell followed the same trends as Uber and Instagram, again with negative space, flat design, and shapes. In their redesign, they dropped the pink and yellow colors and used negative space to show the bell icon. And where the white highlight helps show a three-dimensional image in the old logo, the new logo is flat across the design. Though not as noticeable in the new logo, the design contains both a semi-circle and semi-square shapes in the purple background -- split evenly and combined.

In conclusion

If your logo isn't doing your business justice, try updating it with some of these logo design trends. Remember: if you update your logo, make sure to update your brand guidelines, social media profiles, website, and any other pieces that use your logo. Don't let your phantom logo resurface!