When it comes to marketing your business on social media, Facebook is growing increasingly important by the day. Every week, there seems to be yet another update to the social media behemoth that will make it an even more powerful marketing tool for your business.

This past week, I was fortunate enough to attend Social Media Day San Diego 2017. While there, I got to see Dennis Yu (CEO of BlitzMetrics & co-author of Facebook Nation) and Mike Stelzner (CEO & Founder of Social Media Examiner) speak on Facebook marketing.

Lucky for us, these are two of the world's leading authorities when it comes to social media.

When it comes to how your business can stay afloat on the ever-changing platform known as Facebook, here's what they had to say.

1. Stop posting so much.

You heard that right. Post less.

In Mike Stelzner's talk, he dove into the rationale and mechanics behind Facebook creating their algorithm (EdgeRank). In short, it was to ensure users keep coming back to the app. Month after month. Day after day. Hour after hour.

In order to achieve this, Facebook must give users the content it believes they're most likely to engage with.

To do this, when a piece of content is first posted, Facebook will show it to a very small amount of your total audience (the percentage of organic reach continues to drop year after year, as well). The more engagement that piece of content receives, the more members of your audience will see it in their Facebook feed.

So what's the solution? Simple: don't focus on your frequency of posting.

Instead, focus on posting high quality content and building up community on Facebook. This community building could take place through Facebook Groups, Facebook Live, and more.

Lastly, Facebook will go as far to penalize your page if it continually receive little to no engagement on your posts. That would really suck, so take the necessary time to create high quality, engaging content your specific audience is likely to enjoy.

2. Stop planning. Instead, be more reactive.

Essentially, on Facebook, Dennis Yu says you need to ditch your content calendar.

The shift here is both in mindset and in practice. You have to be more human. No more planning content a month out in advance, hitting pre-schedule, and never looking or thinking about it again.

Instead, take the time to create quality content, publish it, see how your audience responds to it, and react accordingly. If it performs significantly well, then put some money into boosting the post to increase its reach.

For reference, when it comes to Facebook, Dennis says you should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time optimizing the best performing content.

Who knows? Maybe one of your posts goes viral. If that happens, you should focus on dedicating time to building off that momentum, not by switching the conversation with pre-scheduled content in your calendar.

In short, it's in Facebooks best interest to make things hard for us marketers and entrepreneurs on the platform. Why? Because it ensures only the highest quality content will be shown to others.

Final Note

Be wary of negative feedback (flagging, hiding, etc.). Within Facebook's algorithm, negative feedback is outweighed by a ratio of 100 to 1 relative to other engagement.

You read that correctly. Negative feedback outweighs other, positive feedback 100 to 1. So even a single flag on a post will be detrimental to how Facebook's algorithm classifies your page, the organic reach on that particular post, and more.

What can you do? If you receive negative feedback, take a moment to think critically at why you received it. Was your messaging different than the content you typically post?

For example, if you're a Facebook page covering the Cleveland Cavaliers, it probably isn't a good idea to post an article about how amazing the Golden State Warriors are.

Take all of this information and run with it. Get to know your particular audience on an intimate level. Get to know their interests, their dislikes, their habits. Only then, will your business be able to take advantage of all of the tremendous results Facebook has to offer you.