Having high-quality, persuasive copywriting within all of your marketing materials is something every brand should be striving for. When it comes to your landing pages--a critical component of any brand's marketing--without convincing copy, all of the traffic and paid advertising in the world won't be enough to make up for your lost sales. Luckily, almost all copywriting mistakes I commonly see on company landing pages require little effort to fix.

Here are six copywriting mistakes that could be killing your conversion rates on your web pages, plus how to fix them.

1. Trying to Speak to Everyone

Unless your brand is one as all-encompassing as Amazon or Walmart, trying to speak to everyone in your copywriting is an all too common mistake. By trying to appeal to everyone, your copy will come off as stale and inauthentic. 

Instead, speak only to your target audience. By using the verbiage your core customers tend to use, thinking the way they think and more, they will naturally find your brand relatable, increasing the chances they will buy.

2. Spelling Mistakes

As basic as this point may seem, in today's cutthroat marketplace where consumers have a seemingly endless number of providers to choose from for nearly any industry, perception is truly reality. As a result, if your brand comes off as cheap, unorganized or unprofessional, individuals will naturally think that's how your company really is at its core--and nothing says unprofessional and lackluster quite like spelling errors. 

3. Passive Aggressive Email Pop-ups

Chances are high you've seen the pop-ups I'm talking about. These are the pop-ups that give you the option to either sign up for the company's email newsletter or to exit out. Only thing is, the copy next to the exit out button reads something along the lines of, "No, I don't want to become a successful entrepreneur".

Please don't use this tired tactic. It will make your brand come off as desperate. On top of that, if your secret formula was so good, would you really have to shame people into subscribing to your newsletter to download it?

4. Too Big of Text Blocks

In a marketplace such as today's, when you're competing with everything from Candy Crush to cat memes, a person's undivided attention is currency. If your website copy is nothing but huge, intimidating blocks of text, then it's unlikely your visitors will allocate their time and attention to read every word.

If you have a lot to say, just break up those chunks of text into 2-3 line snippets. This will make it much easier for the visitor to scroll through and skim your copy. Lastly, by keeping everything short and sweet, you'll also be optimizing for mobile, given less text can comfortably fit onto a smartphone screen than a desktop computer.

5. Not Answering All of Your Customer's Questions

No matter what product or service you're selling, potential customers will always have a list of questions in the back of their heads they're begging to get answered. 

Because of this, why not make it easy for your customers by answering their questions before they ask you the question directly? Once you do, you'll naturally be building up trust between your brand and your customers on top of saving time you'd otherwise spend answering questions. 

If you don't do this, customers will inevitably think there's a catch -- and for brands that have a catch, there's always a viable competitor without a catch your customers can choose instead.

6. Taking Too Long to Get Your Point Across

The human attention span is officially less than that of a goldfish. Couple this will the obscene amount of content available to anyone with an internet connection and you're left with a harsh reality: you've got to get your point across as swiftly as you can.

Now, this certainly doesn't mean you should sacrifice quality of writing, building up anticipation, or maintaining your brand voice for the sake of speed. However, what this does mean is you should be inputting all of your brand's necessary landing page components, from general information to FAQs, with the least amount of copy possible. Short, persuasive copy is oftentimes the most effective copy given more people will actually read it.

No matter what kind of business you own and operate, landing pages are more than likely a crucial piece to your online marketing puzzle, and within these landing pages, powerful copywriting is paramount to your success.

When it comes to landing page copy, there are a handful of simple mistakes that I frequently see which are absolutely killing a company's conversion rates. By using the tips laid out in this article, you'll be equipped with the tools needed to fix these rookie mistakes, quickly and easy.