Nowadays, it seems like every thought leader or publication you read online gives you two options when they speak on where to allocate your marketing budget: Google ads or Facebook ads. In turn, entrepreneurs take this advice and toss their marketing dollars into one, or both, of the platforms.

While these channels certainly hold their weight, they're also growing ever-more saturated as the years go by. As a result, it becomes more expensive to produce the same results when using them. Not to mention, every industry is different?, ?so what works in one may not apply to the other.

This is why I've put together six new, often overlooked places to put your marketing budget in the coming year.

1. Reddit Ads

In early 2019, Reddit nabbed $300 million in venture capital funding, increasing its valuation to $3 billion. Because of this, pressure from investors to see profits will now be put on Reddit?--giving the company an incentive to drive great results for advertisers when it comes to their bottom line.

Reddit's user base is also super tight-knit, so if you play your cards right and are mindful to not disrupt their user experience with your ads, the potential for word-of-mouth marketing is huge.

2. Bing Ads

As unpopular and laughed at as Bing is, let's not forget it still has hundreds of millions of searches per day, so there are people out there who are actually using it. This makes it a desirable channel to experiment with when it comes to your marketing budget.

In fact, Bing ads have driven amazing results for some of our B2B clients at Copy Buffs. The main reason is probably because many of the older, established corporations with deep pockets still religiously use Microsoft products, where Bing may be the only browser decision makers have access to during working hours.

3. LinkedIn Video Ads

It's no secret LinkedIn is investing a lot of money into video. In early 2017, the social media giant rolled out native video on its platform, and in early 2019, they released live video. Because users are growing more comfortable seeing videos on their LinkedIn feeds, it's a savvy time to take full advantage of LinkedIn video ads.

Whether you're trying to reach key decision makers to boost sales of your product, or trying to land marquee job applicants, LinkedIn video ads could be an effective way to get it done.

4. Pinterest Catalogs

Even with 250 million monthly users, Pinterest often gets overlooked, overshadowed, or shrugged off entirely as a niche platform reserved for fashionistas and foodies. Yet, with the company recently going public, they've been on the lookout for fresh ways to drum up ad revenue. One of those ways is with a new ad type called Catalogs.

This is an exciting style of ad because it allows brands to upload their entire product catalogs to Pinterest. Their ad platform will then automatically turn each product into standalone, dynamic Shoppable Pins?--?taking much of the legwork away from you as an entrepreneur or marketer.

5. YouTube Pre-roll Ads

I think we can all agree that many YouTube pre-roll ads are annoying enough to make you want to bash your head against the wall. That being said, love them or hate them, for at least five seconds they have your full attention. If you're effective enough in your messaging, copy and editing, this is enough time to increase your brand awareness and leave a lasting impression with viewers.

6. Sponsoring a Podcast or Publication

Podcasts are on the rise, and with podcasting platforms like Anchor and Gimlet being acquired by Spotify for $340 million, the trend is unlikely to slow down any time soon. On top of the growth, because of the intimate, one-on-one interaction podcast hosts have with their audiences, the connection and trust between hosts and listeners is stronger than most channels. This makes it a wonderful venue for product placement when relevant to the audience.

Just be sure to do your homework on the podcast before jumping in given, much like Reddit, community backlash is commonplace for out-of-place advertising.

Now, over to you: stop giving all your marketing dollars to Google and Facebook. If you're tired of getting the same results year after year, make 2019 the years you try something different.