In 2016 alone, Facebook is estimated to have received over two-thirds of the world's total social media advertising spend. By now though, the social media giant's dominance is old news.

If you're looking for ripe opportunities for your 2018 social media budget, look no further. Here are 9 alternatives.

1. Promoted Pins on Pinterest.

According to Pinterest, more than 75-percent of Pins saved to Pin Boards are Promoted Pins created by brands. By any standards, that's pretty damn impressive. Promoted Pins also look just like any other Pins do, so no need to worry whether or not your ads will appear spammy or invasive to viewers.

2. Ads and influencers on Snapchat.

Because of Snapchat's poor performance on Wall Street since their IPO, the company is looking to make their ads more innovative and their ads manager more user-friendly. With new ad formats like augmented reality placements, interactive games and more, Snapchat could provide brands with a fun and engaging alternative to standard text, photo and video ads.

If you're looking to partner with Snapchat influencers, consider trying a service like Delmondo or Speakr out.

3. Instagram ads.

According to AdWeek, Instagram is growing faster than any other social media platform when it comes to advertising spend. Additionally, since March of 2017, the number of advertisers taking advantage of Instagram has doubled from 1 million to 2 million

Because of Instagram's massive growth, highly visual content, and the inability for users to have a million tabs open to distract them on the mobile app, the platform could prove groundbreaking in your company's marketing efforts.

4. Instagram influencers.

For most B2C brands, Instagram is arguably the most well-suited platform for seamless influencer marketing. Influencers can showcase a product while making it discreet enough as to not distract or turn off their followers. 

To discover influencers to potentially partner with, try out tools like Klear. Also, remember that, unlike other social media channels, you can direct message people on Instagram without both of you needing to follow each other, so don't be afraid to manually search for influencers via hashtags or the Discover tab.

5. Pre-roll ads on YouTube.

You've probably seen countless ads from Tai Lopez (and other wannabe Tai Lopez's) pop up while you wait to watch your favorite YouTube series. As annoying and cringe-worthy as Tai's ads may be, they're extremely memorable. This year, give YouTube pre-roll ads a try. They might yield the similar results for your company.

6. Podcast sponsorships.

Alright, I get it. Podcasts aren't technically social media channels. That being said, I don't think enough brands are taking full advantage of the medium, so I had to add this one in here.

Since 2013, monthly podcast listenership has increased 75-percent, and the trend isn't likely to halt anytime soon. By strategically establishing relationships with podcasters who share your brand's values, your awareness and revenue could skyrocket in the coming year.

7. Brand deals with YouTube vloggers.

Vlogging ("video + blogging") has been on the rise on YouTube over the past few years, and could be a terrific way for your brand to increase awareness.

One of the greatest benefits of your brand being featured on a vlog is how casual and authentic the storytelling style inherently is. People watch vlogs for the vlogger, not because they like a fictional character or are waiting for a punchline. This allows the YouTuber to build an authentic, trustful relationship with their fans, which could have tremendous benefits for your company if you choose to partner with them.

8. Deals with top Medium writers.

Medium is a fast-growing social media network which has been dubbed the "YouTube for writers". Because the platform is still relatively new and writer compensation is in its infancy, top creators could be more hungry to partner with brands relative to creators on other channels.

To get in touch with a writer, dig up their email, Twitter or leave them a Private Note on one of their articles introducing your brand and the potential partnership.

9. Brand deals with Twitch influencers.

For those who don't know, Twitch is a live streaming video game platform that was acquired by Amazon back in 2014. The number of monthly viewers on Twitch exceeds 100 million. More importantly, the user base is a community of individuals all sharing a love for gaming, so a product that's a good fit for gamers could potentially spread like wildfire simply by word-of-mouth.

Whether you test out one, two or all nine of these options, my wish is that 2018 is the most successful year yet for your brand on social media.