By consistently creating innovative products, Snapchat has firmly established a reputation of 'pushing the envelope'. Snapchat recently created a new feature that stays true to that reputation called 'Context Cards'. If utilized effectively, Context Cards could prove to be an absolute game changer in the world of marketing (I wonder how long it'll be until Facebook clones this feature?).

As seen in the video below, Context Cards allow Snapchat users to view Stories posted by the customers at a business, allows them to seamlessly order a Lyft or Uber to that business's location, call the business directly, make a reservations, and more.

What This Means for Entrepreneurs

Context Cards isn't just a cute new feature on Snapchat. Here's what it could mean for you as an entrepreneur.

1. User-generated content and reviews will be more important than ever before.

Previously, user reviews have been limited almost exclusively to the written word. Now, prospective customers will be able go beyond text and see firsthand accounts customers who have visited the location.

This will make it more important than ever before to ask, or incentivize, your customers to post about your company on Snapchat and on other social media platforms.

2. Yelp and Google might have some competition.

Up until now, Yelp and Google have ruled the customer review landscape for businesses. With Context Cards, that might change very soon.

3. There's no hiding anymore.

If you have a crappy establishment, if you don't take care of your customers, if you provide a less than stellar customer experience, you will be exposed. There just isn't anywhere to hide anymore.

With the rise of Yelp reviews, Google reviews and now Context Cards, a potential customer can truly be exposed to all aspects of a business before ever setting foot into it. Because of this, the way it appears, the customer service, the things other customers have to say about it and more will only grow more vital to the perception of your business in the eyes of the consumer.

4. A tremendous opportunity for businesses that hop on Context Cards early.

For the business owners that were 'late to the party' for Yelp and Google Reviews, here's your chance at redemption, so keep your eyes peeled.

Very similar to the businesses who started early with Yelp and more, the businesses that start using Context Cards early could reap huge benefits of reaching new customers in the future by utilizing the feature before their competitors do.

What You Can Do Today

For now, start by familiarizing yourself with Snapchat as a social media platform. What are the nuances and the norms of the platform? What are some ways your brand can fit in on Snapchat?

Additionally, follow Snapchat's company blog closely to stay up-to-date on when they open up Context Cards to the public. This will allow you to take advantage of the opportunity almost instantaneously.

Snapchat is continuing to solidify itself as an innovator in the world of social and visual media. As investors continue to see their Snapchat stock dip in value, and as influencers and other creatives continue to flock to Instagram, innovations like Context Cards could come at no better time for Snapchat.