I think we can all agree that creating content is both hard and time consuming. Spending hour after hour creating blog posts, copy for YouTube videos, and tweets might be okay for a writer or journalist, but you've got a business to run too, right?

If you're in this situation, then you're in luck. Today, you'll learn about Chalene Johnson's genius strategy for repurposing one piece of content across a variety of social media platforms, ultimately saving time, energy and focus.

For some background, Johnson is the founder of the SmartLife movement, New York Times bestselling author, and world-renowned fitness entrepreneur and public speaker. I was first introduced to her on Social Media Examiner's podcast, where I heard of this content strategy.

Here it is:

From Facebook to Podcast to Text to Pinterest

Johnson starts by planning and recording a Facebook Live show. This is when the magic begins. Her team will then take the video, strip the audio from it and publish the audio as a podcast.

Then, they will transcribe the audio into text, and clean it up into a digestible blog post (or multiple blog posts) to be published. From there, they will take the key points in the blog post, and send out a series of tweets with the quoted text and link back to the post. Occasionally, the number of tweets will be in the hundreds.

If that's not enough, Johnson then compiles all of the information covered in the Facebook Live session, creates an infographic with it, and posts the infographic to Pinterest.

This is all done with a single piece of content.

Even More Things You Can Do

In addition to Chalene's strategy, there are even more things you can consider doing with a single piece of your content:

  1. Republish the blog post on Medium.
  2. Using the same snippets of text you posted as Tweets, and create quote posts on Instagram using an app called WordSwag.
  3. Use a service like Canva to quickly create helpful infographics.
  4. Save the Facebook Live video to your computer, and post it on YouTube.
  5. Use a service like Trint to easily transcribe your audio to text for a fraction of the typical cost.
  6. Share your blog post in your email newsletter.

7. Show behind-the-scenes footage of you creating the content on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Be sure to include a link to the original piece of content since Snapchat now allows links.

The great part about all of this is you can set aside one day per week to compile all of this content, and use a third party tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Agorapulse to pre-schedule it to be sent out.

Don't Let Your Hard Work Go Unnoticed

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort. There's no way around it, and nothing will ever beat hard work. That being said, there are definitely simple, smart shortcuts you can take in order to scale your content and ensure the maximum number of people see it.

Be creative in the ways you create content and repurpose it. Don't let all your hard work go unnoticed. Get the most out of it by using strategies like Johnson's and you'll begin to reap the benefits sooner than you think.