With the continued rise of video across the online world, it's becoming more important than ever for brands, regardless of size, to implement video into their marketing strategy. Whether through Facebook videos, YouTube tutorials or something else entirely, it's important to note that video is becoming king in the content marketing world.

However, the problem is that, unless you're a talented video editor, creating high-quality video is very expensive. That being said, with the resources available at our fingertips today, it doesn't have to be.

No matter if you're a small business owner on a budget or a large brand looking to save a couple bucks, here's how to create high-quality videos at an affordable price.

1. Use Upwork and Freelancer.com

Today, freelancing work is on a meteoric rise. In fact, according to Nasdaq, freelance work is projected to make up 43 percent of the US workforce by 2020. Because of this monumental shift, there's a large pool of talented video creators out there who do great work at nearly all price points. Use platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.com to select the freelancers you feel would be right for you.

In my own experience, the vetting process is what takes the most time throughout this process. There are a ton of amazing freelancers in the marketplace, but there are even more crappy ones. Because of this, carefully read the reviews, work history, and portfolio of each freelancer before settling on one in particular.

2. Conduct an Exchange of Services

This is where you can really get creative. Think long and hard about what you could potentially offer a video creator in exchange for them to consistently create video content for you. Maybe you own an office and could provide them with a desk and computer. Maybe you own a website and could advertise the freelancer's services somewhere on your home page. The possibilities here are endless.

In my own situation, we've conducted an exchange of services where we managed a video creator's Twitter for two months in exchange for them to create a handful of high-quality videos for our clients. 

3. Take Advantage of Affordable Apps

When it comes to video creation, there are a handful of tools out there that can help slash costs for your company. Here are a few of them:

  • Ripl: an app that seamlessly strings together photos and other assets to make quality, bite-sized videos for your social media channels.
  • Adobe Spark: similar to Ripl, this app allows for users to easily create videos primed for social media. For Adobe Spark though, the amount of features available is a bit more extensive than Ripl.
  • Videoblocks: this is a subscription-based platform that gives you access to loads of professional, B-roll stock footage--which is typically extremely expensive to purchase directly.

4. Target Film Students

Many of us have experienced the struggle of being a broke college student. There are many talented film students out there who would be more than willing to create videos for you for some extra cash and to pad their resumes. Along with posting on the traditional hiring platforms, consider posting job openings on a nearby university's private job board for best results. You just might find the perfect candidate who will do the job for less.

5. Use Your Team Members as Your Cast

Another cost for filming that you could potentially cut out is hiring actors and actresses. If you're able to do so, consider using some of your team members and friends to star in the videos, or star in the video yourself. By saving money that would otherwise be spent on acting talent, you can apply these savings to the video quality itself or to the advertisements to promote the video.

In order to benefit from video marketing, you'll need to invest heavily, either with your time, wallet or both. That being said, for the strategic and savvy entrepreneurs out there, creating high-quality video content doesn't need to break the bank. By following the guidance laid out in this article, you'll be in a great position to start saving today. Best of luck.