If there's any two things all marketers and entrepreneurs can agree on, it's Elon Musk is the man, and that the social media landscape moves at breakneck speed. On a personal level, whether it's running and operating Arctiphi (my social media agency), or writing columns for Inc.com, it's my job to keep up with social media and even I think it gets exhausting at times. Yet, if you follow an effective framework, cut out the fluff and are consistent with your regime, you'll be 10 steps ahead of your competitors at all times.

Here's the system I use to keep up with the social media landscape, which you can complete in as little as 10 minutes per day.

1. Read Social Media Examiner

When it comes to actionable, information-rich writing and instruction on social media, I truly can't name a blog better than Social Media Examiner. No matter what platform you're creating content on or which social media skill set you're trying to sharpen, chances are high Social Media Examiner will have no-bullshit, digestible content on the topic. 

Social Media Examiner also has a podcast called the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Consider listening to some episodes on your commute or during exercise. That way, you'll be able to passively consume some of the best content the social media landscape has to offer.

2. Read Social Media Today

While Social Media Examiner certainly "takes the cake" in terms of how-to content, Social Media Today takes the gold medal when it comes to breaking news. By checking in and scanning Social Media Today a few times per week, you'll be ahead of the curve and up-to-date with almost all of the recent changes taking place across social media.

3. Set Up Your Google Alerts for the Platforms You're Most Active On

Google Alerts is another terrific way to get up to speed with social media without actively searching for the content yourself. For instance, if your company is most active on Instagram and Snapchat, then it's only natural for you to be most concerned with breaking news for those two platforms. To accomplish this, set up your Google Alerts to notify you when the keywords "Instagram" and "Snapchat" are in the headlines.

4. Follow the Company Blogs of the Platforms You're Most Active On

This is a great option for entrepreneurs, marketers or content creators who are active on only one or two social media platforms. If you're an Instagram influencer, following the Instagram company blog will ensure you hear about relevant changes and updates to Instagram as soon as they hit the marketplace. Why? Well, because a company almost always knows about changes before anyone else does. This can be a simple way to be notified of changes, big and small, that are taking place on your go-to platform.

5. Follow Social Media Influencers on Twitter

Take the time to discover some social media marketing influencers you enjoy reading or watching, then connect with them on Twitter. When it comes to breaking news and realtime conversation, there's still no better platform than Twitter. On top of that, if you actually enjoy reading the content of an influencer, staying informed won't feel like any extra work at all.

Whether your favorite thought leader is a columnist, CEO, investor or something else, following them can be one of the simplest ways to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing social media landscape.

Keeping up with social media could mean the difference between gaining a significant advantage over your competitors or falling behind them. Because of this, it's important to stay informed on the changes while not being overwhelmed by information overwhelm.

By following the simple framework laid out in this article, you'll save yourself massive amounts of time, and position yourself to reap all the benefits social media has to offer you. Best of luck.