When you hear the word 'law', a lot of things come to mind. More than likely, none of those things are the phrase 'social media', but that didn't stop this California lawyer from using the power of social to take his firm from a local to an internationally recognized brand, and it shouldn't stop you either.

Through his presence on Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat and more, Mitch Jackson (Senior Partner at Jackson & Wilson Inc. and Founder of Streaming.Lawyer) has been able to unlock a ton of incredible opportunities.

As a result of social media and live streaming, Mitch's firm has exponentially increased their weekly referrals. Additionally, because of a case that came to him through social, he was named 'California Litigation Lawyer of the Year' and 'Trial Lawyer of the Year' in Orange County. As the icing on the cake, it's also paved the way for him to speak at top conferences like as Tony Robbins Business Mastery event, Summit.Live and Social Media Day? in San Diego.

I quickly realized that when I added the people skills I spent years developing to social media, I was able to amplify my brand from local to global. - Jackson

Whether you're the owner of a local coffee shop or a well-funded startup, the principles Mitch has practiced can be applied to help you build an international brand using the power of social media. Here are the key learnings.

1. It's all about the relationships.

For Mitch, social media is simply an extension of what he's been doing his entire career: developing and cultivating relationships.

The people skills I learned and developed before social media became my secret weapon as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all rolled out their welcome mats for business. - Jackson

Mitch utilizes social media and live streaming to answer questions his viewers have about legal matters, business tips, and more. By doing so, he's providing value to his online audience in much the same way he's always done in person.

The takeaway here is simple. Think of social media as a tool to connect with others the same way you would in person. Think of it as a tool to develop the relationships you'd normally develop at conferences, networking events or elsewhere.

By beginning to think of social media more like a cocktail party and less like a sales pitch, you'll put yourself in a terrific position to reap all the benefits it has to offer your business.

When it comes to your business, how can you leverage this principle to provide value to your audience and build trust?

2. Occupy a very specific niche.

Mitch is a prime example of how occupying a very specific niche can turbo-charge your rise to the status of 'thought leader' in your respective industry.

In the social media marketing and digital marketing landscape, Mitch is quickly becoming the 'go-to authority' on anything and everything legal. Given the Federal Trade Commission's recent crackdown on online content creators, the growing importance of intellectual property law, and more, this niche will only grow more important over time.

3. Awareness, awareness, awareness.

With every Tweet, Facebook post and Medium article you produce, you're increasing the chances of others discovering you. With every person who discovers you, you're also increasing the number of potential clients who discover you.

By putting himself out there in the live streaming world, Mitch was able to not just obtain new clients, but also to solidify himself as an authority in the social media marketing community.

4. Social media as a way to scale your influence.

Instead of helping one person over the phone with an answer to her legal question, I can now help thousands around the world using Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and yes, the more traditional digital platforms. - Jackson

Using social media is the fastest way to multiply yourself a thousand times over. One live streaming session with 50 viewers is akin to holding 50 individual sessions.

If you're a yoga teacher, holding a live streaming session where 20 viewers pay $10 each would yield you the same return as a $200 private session. How's that for a solid return on investment?

5. Above all, provide value.

What worked for me was focusing on personal relationships and paying attention to the needs, wants and desires of my small but consistently growing network... The more I listened, cared, and helped, the busier I got. - Jackson

Social media is no different than any other type of touch point in business. By consistently being there for others, answering their questions, and giving without asking, you could find your social media following increases along with your business referrals.

Mitch is a prime example of how social media, when utilized strategically, can add fuel to the fire of any business, no matter the industry. Be strategic in your set up, consistent in your delivery, give without expecting anything in return, and your company is likely to experience the same results as those laid out in this article.