In an effort to clean up Twitter feeds for their users this week, Twitter rolled out a new feature for testing that suggests which accounts you should unfollow.

By unfollowing the people who you rarely engage with or who are posting low quality content, Twitter hopes to better the user experience on their platform as a whole. While this feature may initially seem extraneous, there are a handful of reasons why this update should matter to entrepreneurs everywhere.

With industry experts in the marketing field like M.G. Stiegler, Rand Fishkin and Mark Schaefer recently speaking on the imminent revival of Twitter, along with the opportunity they have to capitalize on being a fully "unbiased" platform amid the recent Alex Jones scadals, Twitter is in a prime position for a major upswing. Because of this, developing a solid presence on the platform is certainly a worthwhile investment of your time.

Additionally, ever since its conception there hasn't been any viable alternative to Twitter in terms of authentic, real-time content. The fact that Twitter, through its turbulent ups and downs, has been able to keep its crown in its niche is a signal it will be around for a very long time to come.

Don't think because this new feature is only being tested by Twitter that it's insignificant in any way. In the tech world, where there's smoke, fire is almost certain to follow. Twitter will continue its onslaught to cut out crappy content just like every other savvy platform by developing features similar to this one.

So, then, how should you avoid getting on one of these lists? Use these four strategies:

1. Don't spam people's feeds.

The days of spamming Twitter to increase engagement are long gone. Back when Twitter's feed was strictly chronological, it made sense to post 30 times per day, or some other obscene number. Today, nearly all social media platforms, including Twitter have adopted an engagement-based algorithm for their news feeds as opposed to when they were posted. 

Be mindful of this change from quantity to quality. Only publish content you would engage with yourself. According to a study by CoSchedule, in 2018 it's recommended you Tweet no more than 15 times per day.

2. Publish only relevant content.

People are following you on Twitter for a very specific reason. For famous musicians, it's more than likely to keep up with their upcoming music and tour dates. 

Now, this isn't to say you shouldn't publish any content outside your niche on the platform. In fact, by design, Twitter is a terrific place to let loose and show your "other side" through jokes, GIFs and more. That being said, you should still make sure nearly all -- I usually recommend 9 out of 10 Tweets -- are related to your niche.

3. Only use trusted, high-quality tools.

The shady underbelly of automating nearly every aspect of Twitter, from following and unfollowing to Retweeting posts with certain keywords, is alive and well. That being said, features like the one discussed in this article along with other recent moves to delete bot accounts in mass signal that Twitter is cracking down on automation.

Steer clear of sketchy apps that allow you to buy fake followers, automatically give you engagement and more. Instead, stick to trusted third party tools such as Crowdfire (my personal favorite) and Buffer to streamline the tedious processes of engaging and publishing on Twitter.

4. Most importantly, be human.

Twitter has been a platform where content creators and marketers have historically automated to the point where the human touch is in short supply. Instead of follwing suit, be different so you can stand out. 

For instance, manually engage with others by thoughtfully commenting on their Tweets instead of simply clicking like or having an app automatically respond with a generic thumbs up or "thanks". Don't publish links to articles with no context. Instead, give your two cents on the piece you're sharing. Don't be overly polished. Twitter is a platform crafted to capture quick thoughts and unfiltered musings, so take advantage of it.

On a platform filled with bots, by just being human, you'll naturally stand out.

As Twitter continues to clean up its platform with features like this one, be sure you don't get left in the dust. By following these tips, you'll be in a great position to have a successful Twitter account and never get on anybody's "unfollow" list.

Published on: Sep 1, 2018
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