Podcasts have been multiplying, especially since Serial and Startup became successful in the last few years. I listen to many - in fact, podcasts have replaced most of the time I would be listening to music - but only a few outstanding ones stay in rotation.

In fact, two excellent business podcasts end this week: Masters of Scale and Mogul. It is the perfect time to binge on back-to-back episodes.

Masters of Scale is an epic podcast focused on what makes top entrepreneurs great. The reasons you should listen are two fold. First, it is led and narrated by Reid Hoffman, the legendary PayPal founding member, co-founder of LinkedIn and partner in Greylock Ventures. Second, Hoffman is actually talking to the iconic founders as he tells a particular tale, like one-on-one interviews with Mark Zuckerberg, AirBnB's Brian Chesky and Google's Eric Schmidt.

The gems in each focused episode are immense, from how you can prioritize concurrent crisises in your company (and there are always multiple crisises) to when to know if your idea is crazy good or just crazy. Hoffman and company promise to be back by the end of 2017, but listen to what you can now.

Mogul is an equally amazing show, though it skips the broadview and focuses on one spectacular entrepreneur: Chris Lighty. The famous music manager rose from being the muscle for early hip-hop DJs to leading the careers of Mariah Carey, LL Cool J and 50 Cent - and, at the peak of his success, allegedly took his own life. He was 44.

Led and narrated by veteran storyteller Reggie Osse of The Combat Jack Show, Mogul tells raw, insider tales that bring you closer to the rise of hip-hop as both a culture and as a business. One killer example: Lighty negotiated 50 Cent's infamous Vitamin Water deal, netting his client a decent cut of the $4 billion Coke acquisition, yet Lighty still was in a financial crisis. Like Masters of Scale, Mogul strips away the oh-so-prevalent entrepreneur romanticism and gives the gritty details of business. Mogul ends this week with Lighty's death - and it's surely a closer you won't want to miss.