Travel is often an essential part of smart entrepreneurship, though it can give you significant short-term cost in both time and money. It can be particularly tough to do an extended day in a city without having a landing pad since a hotel would be a financial waste.

Today, there are some brilliant ways to give yourself a break without spending precious resources on a room you only need for a few hours.

As You Stay for brief room stays

As You Stay lets you rent hotel rooms for a fraction of a day - say, from 3 pm to midnight - at a significant discount. As You Stay currently works with several name brand hotels in a dozen major American cities. Ideally, you can craft your perfect hotel time within the context of your time in the city.

Breather for temporary privacy

The appropriately-named Breather gives you a few hours in a room within an urban environment - perfect for getting a moment to recharge between out-of-town meetings. As founder Julien Smith shared with me, "I could work at a coffee house, but now, when I'm traveling, I have [3,000 quiet] offices in the world versus having one [at home]."

Airport lounges for quick refreshing

If you do serious time on the road, one of the best investments you can make is joining an airline lounge club. They aren't cheap - buying a membership cost several hundred dollars annually - but several business credit cards include access. All the major and even some minor airlines have clubs at big and mid-sized international airline hubs, and the better clubs include meals, business tools and even showers to freshen up between flights. Lounges can be a lifesaver, particularly if you have a long layover or you need to head straight from the airport to an important meeting.