I get my travel bug from my mom. She began international travel after I became an adult, which inspired me to see the world starting as a broke grad student. We used to talk about, and still talk about, people who say they will travel when they retire. Unfortunately, you don't know if you'll be around that long or, more commonly, if you'll have the physical stamina to ride a camel in the Sahara or climb even some of the stairs in the Eiffel Tower. Money is replaceable, but time and energy are not.

It is the same reason why you should not wait to start your business.

First, circumstances will not get better. I know brilliant minds that are waiting for the right amount of money, the ideal life situation, or the perfect alignment of the stars to pursue their dream. My nightmare is to look back a year ago and see myself in the same place. People who wait for ideal circumstances live this nightmare every day.

Second, as time passes, life will demand more of you. For me, I have a young family to which I lovingly give my all - and I had to make big personal sacrifices to start and, later, sell my startup. For you, it could be an aging parent, declining health because of age or illness, or simply less stamina for the entrepreneurial grind. Imagine if you started following your goal years ago?

Finally, things tend to meet you halfway when you start. When I was interviewed about my TED Book Our Virtual Shadow on the Unmistakable Creative podcast, avid surfer and host Srinivas Rao talked about gaining momentum so you can meet the waves as they form. You can't go from standstill to motion and still catch the wave. It is about moving now and trusting that the wave will form to carry you forward.