Elon Musk is afraid of vacations and, frankly, I don't blame him. As an entrepreneur, you are the backbone of your business and need to be very strategic about letting go of the wheel. It means holiday seasons can be less about merry and joy, and more about crisis management.

There are a few simple, great ways to actually give yourself a break while still maintaining your business.

Automate & Delegate: Put as many of your routine needs as possible on cruise control. Your social media can be managed by free software like Buffer, while smart email clients, delivery systems and temporary help can keep things afloat. Try any services before you actually need to go - that way you can iron out any hiccups in a trial run well before the main event.

Prioritize: Just recently I found myself looking at a massive to-do list, namely because I wanted to get all these projects initiated or completed before the beginning of the American holiday season. Exhausted and exacerbated, I realized it wasn't possible to get through the list and still maintain my quality work. So, I cut it in half... and then cut it in half again. How many things are actually necessary for your business to thrive while you are gone? The more honest you are, the shorter your must-do list will be before your break.

Connect: One of the most frustrating situations is when you are hard at work and everyone else seems to be unavailable. If you think about it, even our entrepreneurial work lives are cyclical: We (or our clients) are less available during the warm months, back to work for a bit, and then less available even more during the cold months. Worst case scenario, you are aggressively paddling upstream and wasting energy on decisions others won't consider for days, if not weeks. Instead, focus on connecting rather than selling. Some of my favorite entrepreneurial moments are when I call a client or colleague to connect with them during a holiday season or a break. It gives you an excuse to reach out to good people within your circle. And, often enough for me, a casual, thoughtful conversation will lead into us working together again.