In its best form, social media is inspirational, strategic and informative. The key is moderation. You also need to know what you want out of it. For me, it is used to enhance my business vision - connecting with my audience there is secondary, as I use other paths for that.

Instagram is my favorite inspirational platform with the strong visuals, built-in videos and diverse content. It is also easy to share my public speaking videos and watch others.

Here are four business Instagram go-tos you should subscribe to now.

United Masters. Forget that this startup supporting independent music artists  already raised $70 million from Andressen Horowitz, Alphabet and others. The strength is the diverse Instagram content. From classic Puff Daddy business clips to visionary discussions from newcomers, United Masters' videos all break down independent business power. In short, the more you control your intellectual property, the further your career will go.

Nitch. The beautiful, historic online magazine gives in-depth profiles using only quotes. The visuals are incredible, but Nitch wins at consolidating genius in a few choice quotes from people as diverse as David Bowie, Elizabeth Kubler Ross and Anne Frank. It gives someone every creative person needs daily: Perspective.

Brain Picker. Maria Popova already had a major following with her in-depth, book focused blog and newsletter BrainPickers. Her Instagram is just as highly curated, not only highlighting the best of the website, but incorporating beautiful quotes and videos exploring productivity, meaningful lives and deeper topics. It is a refreshing, bite-sized accompaniment to the heavily-researched website.

Daily Stoic. Two years ago, I called Ryan Holiday's The Daily Stoic the one audiobook every entrepreneur should read every single year. My annual reading has expanded - I just shared my big four annual books now - but the classic philosophical text stays with me. The Instagram account is a nice, simple sliver of stoic wisdom, perfect for keeping your cool during your daily life.

Seneca. On The Shortness of Life

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