It's easy to revitalize your business when it is a new year, but the second half of the year is a whole different matter. It is now time to reassess, reconsider and, if necessary, rebuild your business so you can achieve those original intentions laid out months ago

These four books - including my new title! - will give you the stamina you need to finish 2016 strong.

Originals: How Non-Conformists Change the World by Adam Grant. His strong TED talk earlier this year was essentially a preview of this book. The argument that you should follow your own path has rarely been more nuanced or researched.

Key quote: "The drive to succeed and the accompanying fear of failure have held back some of the greatest creators and change agents in history."

Unleash Your Inner Company: Use Passion and Perseverance to Build Your Ideal Business by John Chisholm. A serial entrepreneur gives a detailed, step-by-step account of how nearly anyone can create a business they love. It was published late  last year, but its buzz is happening now, and with good reason: This is about as close as you can get to a startup starter kit.

Key quote: "Think of passion and perseverance as the north-south and east-west axes of a mountain. If you only move along one of these, your climbing options will be limited and difficult. [Used together, though], you are more likely to find a route that gets you to the top."

The first major book by the host of the popular Unmistakable Creative podcast, Unmistakable captures the intense ride of entrepreneurship within one appropriate analogy: Surfing.

Key quote: "While sanding off the rough edges of your work might make you agreeable, and even somewhat likable, it's not a recipe for unmistakable. In fact, the rough edges are where your most unmistakable elements lie."

The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: 21 Ways to Ignite Your Passion & Pursue Your Side Hustle by Damon Brown. Inspired by this very column, The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur gives you short, sharp actionable strategies to build the business you love within the life you currently have.

Key quote: "The belief that you have to sacrifice your livelihood to leave your entrepreneurial mark is a lie."