It is officially the beginning of summer, which means "office hours": People harder to reach, businesses sporadically closed and motivation tougher to come by. You should embrace it. In fact, go a step further and decide to get offline - social media, phone in airplane mode, etc. - for significantly chunks of time.

It will actually help your business in four definitive ways.

Working less hours improves your productivity: According to studies, doing 60-hours for eight weeks drops your productivity to what it would have been if you just did 40 hours. Give yourself permission to be flexible this summer and you may be surprised at how refreshed and focused you are when you actually sit down to work.

Give you time to cultivate relationships: Overscheduling can kill our business, as we are too rushed to be strategic and not present enough to build our relationships well. Unplugging naturally expands your attention on what is in front of you, rather than scattering you across a social media post here, a text notification there, and so on.

Move yourself to better strategic thinking: In North America, summer is the perfect time to walk outside. It's not just for fun, as legends from Aristotle to Steve Jobs took regular business walks to formulate their biggest visions. And you can bet they weren't bringing a device with them along the way.

Unplugging will influence your bottom line: As I discovered taking an entire quarter off social media, unplugging helps you find smart ways to connect with your customers, eliminates lots of useless distractions and allows you to do what Cal Newport calls "deep work". The result may be you making even wiser business decisions and seeing better profits when you return.

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