It is essential to not only know when to start your goal, but when to let it go. Seth Godin's classic The Dip is dedicated to this very premise, and some of the biggest startup successes of the past decade, from Slack to Twitch, wouldn't exist without the founders giving up on the original intention.

NetCredit has a great infographic showing nine solid reasons to give up on a goal you've outgrown. Two favorites stand out.

Keeping your focus on just one thing can prevent you from finding new opportunities

The infographic cites a Stanford Business study, but we also can see this happening in our own lives. It's the sunk cost fallacy: Throwing good money (or time) at bad money (or time). You've invested a ton in a particular dream - why give up now? As the saying goes, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Second, there may be a better opportunity sitting right in front of you, but it requires you paying attention enough to see it. Besides, if you put all your energy into one idea, you may not have the stamina to do the next thing effectively.

Focusing on the outcome of a goal has a negative impact on your chances of reaching it

Science says: Give yourself an absolutely achievable goal. I like putting one goal on my to-do list, giving me the confidence to breeze through and often get more done than I would making the entire, seemingly endless list.

BHAGs, or big hairy audacious goals, are wonderful, but you'll go further using your own method to make the next milestones accessible, too. And sometimes it's not about giving up permanently, but just giving up today - giving your goal a fresh, unflinching look tomorrow.

Here all nine reasons from NetCredit.

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Published on: Jul 30, 2018