It can feel like a slog. I coach non-traditional entrepreneurs - the side hustlers, the underestimated minorities, the resource-challenged visionaries - and we all have moments when it feels like the plates we're spinning will suddenly all come crashing down. Having it all, from a family to a career to a mission to a social life, can come at a price.

And yet, many would sacrifice it all to have the opportunity we have and happily take the so-called burden we carry.

If you are having one of those rough days, then try this super simple technique to realize how fortunate you are. Marketing master Seth Godin, Atomic Habits author James Clear and others swear by it. So do I.

"Have" to "get" 

Try changing "have to" to "get to".

I have to stay at home today because my kid has a cold. I get to stay at home today because my kid has a cold, and I'm privileged enough to have a flexible work schedule, and I'm luckily enough to have a kid to care for since there are many people who want to have a child and cannot.

I have to go on the fundraising road show because my startup is burning through money fast. I get to go on the fundraising road show because my startup represents something I truly believe in, and my co-founders, my team and I have faith that this is something worth pursuing, and I'm one of those rare people who actually can put their time and energy into something they care about.

Why it works

"Get to" works because we often forget one simple detail: We chose this particular life. Very few of us had to be entrepreneurs, and if we became one to survive, then that time has likely passed. We usually don't have to live in a high cost-of-living city, and could move if we had to. Some of us chose to become parents, or to become founders, or to pick a particularly challenging path.

It reminds us that we almost certainly had options. At one point, we chose this route - and when we chose it, we recognized the privilege of "getting to" do it.

We just forgot.