I recently met someone at an entrepreneurial event and asked them about their startup ideas. "I have a couple ones, and I'd love some support to help execute them." I was happy to give some guidance, but when I asked for more information, they just as quickly shut me down. "I'd love to tell you more, but I have to, you know, keep it under wraps. Maybe I can tell you later."

Here's a universal truth: No one wants to steal your idea. And it wouldn't matter if they did.

Stereotheque co-founder (and fellow Colombia 4.0 speaker) Tomas  Uribe recently explained why, fabulously quoting Behance's Scott Belsky:

100 ideas x 0 executed = 0 impact

50 ideas x 2 executed = 100 impact


This surfaces a very important point: The number of ideas you have don't matter. It's the one you actually make happen.

They say in publishing, any writer worth their salt will have five new book ideas before breakfast. The same can be said for any creative. Your ideas are worthless without execution. Execution means the passion to start, the clarity to strategize and the persistence to overcome obstacles.

So, instead of worrying about the secrecy of the idea, focus on the execution. The great part is that the earlier you get it out, the faster you can get feedback in the wild. The trick is that you can execute it faster when you get support and share your vision. Otherwise, you could be the holder of 100 brilliant ideas - and be making just as much progress as someone who had none.