Twitter is at war with itself right now: CEO Jack Dorsey is getting grilled for allowing super-controversial content other social media platforms banning, it is flushing out bot accounts that arguably tilting the American democratic process and many other issues.

And then there's the edit button, or lack their of:

The problem is that tweets are a thing of record. It has been abused, and many people have paid now for past tweets. Editing tweets after the fact, though, can be just as ingenious:

A simple solution

Twitter should take a page out of Gmail. Here's how I explained it earlier this year:

GMail gives you up to 30 seconds to stop the just-sent email from going.

Really simple. In other words, create a gap between when you tweet and when it goes live. As I shared in the previous Inc. column, Google, Microsoft and other email providers give this option - usually up to five minutes.

It also satisfies the different needs:

  • It keeps the integrity of the original tweet for future discussion
  • It gives leniency for grammatical or factual errors immediately noticeable by the poster
  • It prevents the poster from having to delete, then repost when they want to create a minor change

Will this idea suddenly turn Twitter away from being a potential political cesspool to a perfect Silicon Valley platform? Definitely not, but it would be a wonderful hat tip to its current users which Twitter really, really needs to keep happy.

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Published on: Aug 10, 2018
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