When I first began creating, I would begin with the end in mind: The grand finale and the completed project that would set the world on fire. My idea wouldn't be revealed to the world until every detail was covered. It would be perfect!

I've learned over time, though, that there is much to be learned from bringing others into the process. I'm still conflicted on when to reveal my ideas, perhaps because of my introverted leanings, but I do understand the importance of sharing.

There are many arguments for doing a Steve Jobs and saving your grand unveiling until every detail is covered, but sharing early can lead to serious success. Elon Musk is the most prominent example. The startup genius shared his ambitions for the groundbreaking Tesla line years ago in a random blog post. It became the guidepost for his career.

There are three definitive reasons why you should share your vision as early as possible:

  • Get support: Financial and resource support are obvious benefits, like quite literally with a Kickstarter campaign. To paraphrase marketing veteran Seth Godin, though, you don't go public to get money, but you go public to find your tribe. By putting your plans out in the open, you are identifying your audience early and using their momentum to propel you forward.
  • Get feedback: It's entirely possible that the separation between your good idea and a great idea is one piece of feedback. Taking everyone's advice is a recipe for disaster, but there is a strong wisdom of crowds. When we launched our app Cuddlr, we hit critical mass within the first week - and got an amazing amount of feedback on desired features and flaws in experience. This was even after we had a decent amount of beta testing. Imagine if we didn't get early feedback at all?
  • Get honest: Does your idea suck? It might, and that's OK - that's part of the process. What's funny is that, like words, you don't always know how bad something sounds until you say it out loud. Saying things publicly lets you immediately realize your intentions and better understand if you even want to commit.