Social media can be a necessary evil for business, especially for introverts. As I recently said, "The struggle is real for ambitious entrepreneurs like myself, who need to master social media to keep the business thriving."

However, Twitter is actually an excellent place for the introverts and, in the past decade, it is where we can bloom as individuals and blossom as business owners. It's probably no coincidence that two of the three founders, Ev Williams and Jack Dorsey, are introverted entrepreneurs, as 140 characters is often all we need.

Here are five reasons why we do well there:

1. Connect with people without the small talk: Unless you know what you are doing, Facebook is often where you superficially connect with people already familiar with you. Bringing in new people is awkward at best or, nowadays, expensive because of ad campaigns. Twitter has many stronger entry points for connection, from theme-related hashtags to posts retweeted through your network.

2. Drop in on conversations: As an introvert, part of the pressure is having to carry a conversation while feeling guilty over significant pauses for thought or reflection. Twitter allows us to observe the conversation and chime in as we see fit, even if that tweet was posted or shared much earlier.

3. Feel the rhythm of the party: When I go to a new setting, I usually take a moment to get the feel for the environment before talking to anyone. Twitter is like playing double dutch jumprope in slow motion: We are actively looking for the right time to enter, but the odds are more in our favor.

4: Have others share your well-considered thoughts: The power of a retweeted or liked tweet gives us the energy to participate in the conversation again. While extroverts love the social energy in general, introverts thrive on strong, focused feedback in an intimate setting. Also, having others share means we don't have to "shout" or repeat ourselves to get our point across in the crowded room.

5. Brevity: Unless you're a major Silicon Valley VC, so-called Tweetstorms are frowned upon. Introverts prefer thoughtful efficiency - just like Jack and Ev.