Goal setting is one of the great commonalities among successful entrepreneurs. But it isn't enough to just set goals. You actually have to commit to them. And there is a ridiculously simple way you can commit more to your goals.

Here's where a lot of people mess up: Once they get clear on their goals, often times they don't write it down. When I speak on the topic of goal setting in public, I'll ask 'How many of you believe in the power of written goals?, and without fail, almost every hand in the audience goes up. Then I say, 'Being honest, how many of you today have a set of written goals for this year?', and usually it is about three to five percent. And yet, based on the amazing work of Dr. Gail Matthews [of Dominican University], the simple act of writing your goals down gives you a 42 percent better of chance of actually achieving them.

Forty-two percent, as in just under 50 percent. Think about that increase in odds for a moment.

Have you already written down your intentions? Keeping them in your head won't cut it.

First, by writing down your goals, you are processing them in different ways. You see them with your eyes and you write them with your hands. The tactile experience helps keep them in the forefront of your mind.

Second, there is a layer of accountability that happens when you commit things to paper. It's not an idea that you are keeping to yourself.

Third, writing it down makes you solidify your intention. Have you ever had the ideal letter in your head, but when you sit down to write it, suddenly it feels weird and clunky? By putting it into actual words, you are forcing vague ideas into concrete actions.

And vague goals, by nature, aren't achievable. How will you know when you actually reach them?