It's interesting how many universal truths occur in business. For instance, bad customer service will almost certainly sink a company, as even a superior product won't save it if an equal (and nicer) competitor comes along. Or that a business' initial culture is invariably the pathology of its founders.

Best-selling author James Altucher narrowed the universal truths of eventual millionaires and boiled them down to 18 basic habits. Will you become rich if you do them? There's no guarantee, but I would say that the chances of becoming wealthy are drastically less for people who do the opposite.

My favorites are saying No since, as enthusiastic as entrepreneurs are about everything, using restraint is a kind of superpower. Also planting seeds, which, as I discussed recently, the smartest entrepreneurs are doing every single day.

What are your favorite traits? And what should you be implementing right now?

Infographic courtesy: James Altucher

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