Labor Day, Thanksgiving and other holidays are tough when you run an independent business. If you take a break, then you may not be bringing in any revenue. If you don't take a break, then the people you work with - your clients or your colleagues - may be gone and won't contribute to the revenue anyway.

It's still smart to build your business so your doors stay open for those that are looking for your services. Here's how you can stay connected while you are unplugging.

Automate your social

Buffer, Meet Edgar and other platforms will prepopulate your social media feed so you don't have to stay plugged in during the break. You can schedule your messages days, weeks and even months in advance. You may still want to check in for responses, but you won't be mercilessly tethered to your phone.

Bring a limited device

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are cheaper than ever - most of us have more than one in our home or office. Many folks are now stripping down a device and using it strictly for a single purpose. For instance, one writer has a "dummy laptop" that only has a word processing program on it. No social media, no extra software. They bring the special laptop with them to writing retreats and vacations so they can concentrate on their craft without distractions.

Your dummy device may be your smartphone sans the social media apps or set to Airplane Mode for the duration of your break, or a tablet that allows limited communication. Creating one can give you smart access to tech without having you completely plugged into your usual work flow.

Create a schedule beforehand

It may feel wise to just let things flow during your downtime, but it's smarter to commit to your break schedule before it begins. For instance, your vacation mode could be an hour of social media in the evening, a half hour of emails first thing in the morning and any necessary phone calls during lunchtime. By having a set schedule, you are prepping yourself to be fully present for each moment: You focus on business when it is time to work, and on rest when it is time to rest.