For every genius that brings a wonderful idea into the world, there are many others who are waiting for "the right moment" to speak up about their brilliant thought. In fact, we all have amazing thoughts, projects and concepts that we haven't brought to the light of day. Sometimes we need more time to reflect. Sometimes we're just procrastinating.

Procrastinating may be the deadliest vice for business, as delaying a smart move can cost you your livelihood. Here are 3 questions I ask myself whenever I get stuck.

Will it get easier tomorrow?

We often wait because we believe our goals will be attainable when we get more money, time or support. Unfortunately, we tend to assume that the future will be better, not worse, and can be totally blindsided when our goals become more difficult over time. Worse, if we do feel a guarantee of something in the future - say, a cash windfall once a particular client finally comes aboard - then there is still a matter of uncertainty.

Do I have enough resources?

We sometimes do not move forward because, on some level, we know we don't have everything we need to reach our goal. Try taking inventory about what you need to complete the task. If you cannot get all the resources you need, then try going after a humbler goal. The popular Lean Startup movement, about creating the minimum viable product (MVP) to test your product in the public as soon as possible, is based on this very principle. It isn't settling for less, but conserving your resources.

Do I need help?

Our paralysis could be because we just can't realistically do it alone, but are resistant to admit it. I definitely have been there: A project or goal feels overwhelming, yet you (or your ego) is skeptical that others can truly help you cross the finish line. It pays to have a network of trusted advisors or colleagues that can give you wise, kind feedback.