One of the most frustrating feelings is knowing that it isn't your turn yet. Maybe your product will set the world on fire, but you still need to do some serious beta testing. Perhaps you haven't gotten noticed as a force to be reckoned with. You could be watching others shine while you are virtually invisible.

Take heart, as this is one of the most important processes in any success. In fact, you should revel in it.

First, when the spotlight is on you, then you can't afford any mistakes - which means you can't take any risks for growth without looking at potentially serious consequences. Your corner coffeeshop could experiment with the music, totally change the décor and do a different drink menu daily. But not Starbucks. Starbucks is beholden to shareholders, employees and, most importantly, public branding. Jumping in the spotlight means that you have little room for error and a higher chance of being trapped in past decisions. When are those past decisions made? When you aren't in the spotlight yet. That's why you should pay attention to now.

Second, when we do finally get our turn, we usually realize we aren't quite ready anyway. In my Bite-Sized Entrepreneur book series, I argue that we don't know all the skills we need until we actually start our journey. Entrepreneurs that get attention too early can be scrutinized for a work-in-progress: Our recently acquired app Cuddlr launched as a minimal-viable product, but immediately rose to the top of the Apple app charts. We're lucky we were nimble, iterated quickly and already had a long-term plan in place.

37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have a notable passage about it in their bestseller Rework:

Use this time to make mistakes without the whole world hearing about them. Keep tweaking. Work out the kinks. Test random ideas. Try new things. No one knows you, so it's no big deal if you mess up.

Focus on identifying your customer and best serving your customer. And when it is your turn to shine, you'll actually have substance.