Director Ava DuVernay has made a serious impact on pop culture. Within a few short years, her output has included the Martin Luther King biopic Selma, Oprah's hit TV show Queen Sugar and the upcoming Wrinkle In Time based on the classic young adult novel.

Here are three major keys:

1. Change your socks at lunch, makes you feel like a new woman

As solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, we naturally think that radical is the answer to everything, including self-care. Want to feel better? You don't have to go on a long solo retreat or do some intense fasting. Maybe you just need to put on a new pair of socks.

Tony Robbins says that our lives can often dramatically improve if we just change our habits by a millimeter. Think about the little thing you can change today to make yourself feel better.

2. Remember that actors and crew are the same. Grown-ups. Treat them all with the same grown folks respect. No one is better than anyone else just because they're in front of the camera

It is difficult to manage people in general, but I can only imagine the egos within Hollywood. Her advice is key, though: As a leader, you have to be an advocate for both the celebrity and the support. Without your team, the show literally doesn't go on.

Also, as I said at a recent journalism conference, team players switch all the time from editor to writer to agent. Your subordinate may become your business partner or even your boss. If you plan on having a long career, then odds are you will keep interacting with the same people in different capacities over the years. Assuming you are building a long-term relationship with everyone you meet.

3. Be prepared for hundreds of questions per day. You are now Question Answerer and Chief

Keep in mind that you don't need to know the answers; just that you need to be open to questions. When I was co-founding Cuddlr, we would get many hundred emails a day from customers, press and business partners. My job was to respond.

As a creative leader, your job isn't actually to create. Your job is to enable others enough so that you can create something beautiful together.