Personality assessments are a dime a dozen, though they often fall into complex ranges and systems. They are detailed, heavy and usually too granular for casual understanding. It's of little surprise then that Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies has become a hit.

The sociology-focused author breaks down the four ways we present ourselves to the world:

  • Upholders follow rules and expectations
  • Questioners weigh all expectations based on logic and fairness
  • Obligers want to meet other people's expectations
  • Rebels focus on fighting against personal and outer expectations

I wasn't sure about the method, but after hearing Rubin's explain her theories several times, my initial questioning has been answered (One guess on which personality I fall under).

This new infographic from the money site Quid Corner captures one excellent angle on Rubin's theory: How we stay motivated. It breaks down how we can identify our strength and how to harness it to be our most motivated self. For instance, as a questioner, I am recommended to ask myself questions to gain clarity of purpose. I also should organize my to-do list based on most important task first - something I learned the hard way.

Image courtesy of Quid Corner.

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