Most productivity discussions assume you have a dedicated space: an office, a special room or, at minimum, a co-working area. If you're like me, though, your office can be a place within your home. It sounds like heaven - from potentially working in your pajamas to setting your own hours. However, maximizing productivity requires serious thought, concentration and planning.

Entrepreneur Chris Ducker has an insightful infographic for home-based solopreneurs and, based on the info, he knows the struggle himself.

I have run my own office for decades, but a few of these tips I recently implemented. For instance, the standing desk is an excellent way to keep your blood flowing and your back from hurting (not to mention keeping sedentary-related illness at bay).

The more important tip? Establish a work schedule. Seriously, if you are in charge of your own motivation and you're flying solo, then every important meeting, follow-up and break should be documented in some form. It is way too easy to run late, lose relationships or burn yourself out without guidelines.

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