"Internet time" usually means how quickly something can go out of style, like yesterday's meme feels like it was popular 2 years ago. The most relevant brands, however, seem to accelerate in today's age: Services, websites and products that get popular tend to get business (and money) in a quick, almost compressed way.

The consulting firm Excelacom has a fascinating infographic showing how much of an impact the biggest web-enabled brands make every single minute. 

 inline image

Let's look at some of the highlights:

51,000 Apple App Store downloads: Apple is reportedly considering paid placement options so developers can appear at the top of the search list. No wonder! There are almost a thousand new app downloads every second. It's harder than ever to get noticed. We entered an incredibly competitive environment when we successfully launched and sold the social connection app Cuddlr in 2014, and one can only imagine how much tougher it is today.

150,000,000 emails sent: Is it any surprise that the Inbox Zero concept feels impossible for some entrepreneurs? We're talking several emails being sent per second. The avalanche of email really paved the way for alternative communication tools like the billion-dollar chat app Slack.

1,389 Uber rides: Uber and its co-founder Travis Kalanick are about as controversial as a startup and leader can get, but that hasn't stunted its' ferocious growth. And with the startup literally taking over mass transit in one city, we can only expect this ride per minute number to go up.

701,389 Facebook logins: Nearly 12,000 people logging in per second? Maybe rumors of its decline are vastly exaggerated.

And from the time you began reading this article, you can multiple the figures above by two.