Rest is usually low on our ambitious entrepreneur agenda, so hacks come into play: Napping is the secret sauce of many, as is passing on the early morning coffee. Now a new scientfic study tells us the best times to get a good night's sleep.

Your worst night of sleep? Sunday, according to a study of nearly 5,000 Americans and Britons in conjunction with through the meditation and relaxation app Calm. Insomnia specialist Dr. Steve Orma told Calm that we tend to mess with our schedules on the weekend: Staying out late and waking up late, not to mention drinking more alcohol than usual. We get to bed on Sunday night and we're too wired to actually rest.

And Thursday is your best night for rest. By then, you're back into the normal weekday routine. I'd also argue that you're excited and relaxed that you only have one more official workday left.

Check out the Calm infographic below for more info. In the meantime, take it easy on the weekend drinking and be gentle to yourself early in the week - there's now a scientific reason why we don't get much done on Monday.

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