Thinking about working through the weekend and even through the holidays? According to science, unplugging could be the best thing you can do for your career and your health.

NetCredit has a great infographic breaking down 14 strong reasons to turn off the computer, put the phone on vibrate and rest on Saturday and Sunday.

For instance, working 60-hour weeks for two months makes your productivity so low that you could have just done 40-hour weeks. Or a twelve-year study from The Women's Health Initiative found that women who spend more time sitting die earlier. Lastly, long hours double the chance of you having a major depressive episode - and that doesn't matter whether you are physically healthy, under job strain, or any other significant factors.

As someone who did a social media detox, I can say taking a digital break did wonders for my attitude and focus. The same can be said for taking a work break. And it doesn't have to be a full vacation or even a day off. Just completely unplug for 15 minutes and expand from there - and the holiday are the perfect time to start.

See the NetCredit infographic below for even more insights.


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