The best part about being a solopreneur is that you don't have to socialize outside of your business. Smoozing is optional. This becomes exponentially more important during the holiday season, where mandatory social events become the corporate norm.

If you do have to hit the holiday party, though, then HR outsource firm G & A Partners has got you covered. Below is a survey-based infographic packed with the ins and outs of office parties.

Most organizations are holding a holiday party, and about half of them will be during the actual workday.

Twenty-five percent less holiday parties serve alcohol compared to five years ago, which is probably a good thing since 30 percent of employees say they don't monitor their drinking at holiday parties anyway. Let's hope they already have their Uber app installed.

And 10 percent said they often regret something done at the holiday party. In other words, with nine of your peers, one of you will be having a social hangover the next day. Don't be that person.

Infographic courtesy of G & A Partners

Published on: Dec 6, 2016
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