Public speaking is a continual learning process, as not only do your audiences change, but your message evolves, too. The most successful public speakers say that we only fail when we forget why we are saying what we are saying.

Speaking master Michael Port recently explained the main two reasons why you should be talking. Here is an excerpt from Tara Gentile's Profit. Power. Pursuit. podcast:

There are generally two types of speeches in the world of public speaking: There is the message speech and there is the curriculum-based speech. The curriculum-based speech has a message [too]... but the message speech is all about one big idea and getting people to move toward that idea.

The styles are dramatically different. So, if we know what kind of speech we're going to give, it helps us in our organization

The wisdom struck me hard since the two TED Talks I have done were one of each - and I didn't realize it!

My first talk, The Positive Power of Observation, was inspirational, albeit in an informational package.

Compare it to my second talk, Big Ideas on Little Pieces of Paper, which was a curriculum on productivity.

After the success of The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, I now focus on showing people of all walks of life how they can become entrepreneurial. My public speaking is almost all curriculum.

When you talk on the stage, to an investor or even to your customer, are you being inspiration or instructional? What are you trying to accomplish?