Travel is often a prerequisite to entrepreneurship, whether you are connecting with a remote sales team or doing a last-minute pitch to VCs. Today, there are a remarkable number of ways to get things done from the office. When you do leave, though, make sure you lean on my favorite websites shared here.

Tripit: Like a virtual travel assist, Tripit will collate and organize your transportation and lodging plans from different sources. For instance, your Marriott stay, United flight and even the main event venue and time are stored on both the Tripit website and app, and synced with your favorite calendar. The service is free, though I've happily been paying for the Pro version to get more features like up-to-the-minute itinerary updates--there has been more than one time that the Tripit gate change notification has saved my skin.

ITA Matrix/Google Flights: Planning a business trip online can feel limited, especially if you have a specific way you'd like to fly. Google Flights and its hardcore cousin, ITA Matrix, let you get as detailed (read: nerdy) as you want. Need a Washington Dulles to Chicago O'Hare late night business class flight on Delta with a JFK stopover? Type in a few parameters and it'll let you know all your options down to the type of plane you'll be riding in. You've got to buy the actual ticket elsewhere, but when it comes to researching your budget and options, it is absolutely priceless.

Startup Travels: The site connects you with entrepreneurs in the cities you are traveling to--helping guarantee that your day in Copenhagen won't be spent completely alone or without some good networking. Contacts can offer to meet for coffee, make a connection or even provide a place to crash for the evening, and you can offer the same for your hometown. The newest perk, the Coworking Pass, gets you free time at more than two dozen different workspaces around the world. (I enjoy the scrappy website so much, I've actually had coffee with the founders and suggested ways to make it even more useful.)

The Points Guy: Post 9/11, even the most corporate-funded business travelers are having to downgrade to lower classes for the sake of the bottom line. The Points Guy is perhaps the ultimate command center for understanding smart flying techniques and maximizing your business travel experience. The active blog runs the gamut from business flight bonuses and wise frequent flyer point use to hotel specials and rare deals. The best advice shows you how your current business spending can translate into enough points for a decent vacation--which could encourage you to finally take one.

What are your go-to travel sites?

Published on: Oct 9, 2015
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