Whether you have a traditional corporate gig or are a full-time freelancer, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't have a side hustle. As Born For This  author Chris Guillebeau put it recently, "It's not a part-time job as much as it's something you create, and it's disproportionately satisfying."

The fact that there is no pressure is one of the biggest benefits. When you try to enter a new business venture and you're sweaty about it - 'I gotta make this this work! I gotta make this work!' - there's something lost there. Something is going to be lost in the customer experience. You're going to rush things that can't be rushed. Something is going to fall through the cracks. When you take the pressure off because it's not your main thing and you don't have to make a living from it and it doesn't have to be profitable, then it does allow a lot more room to experiment and do it right.

There are multiple layers going on here. First, the false idea that you have to go all or nothing immediately. My habits lean towards extremes, so I'm talking from my own experience, and we tend to be more productive, thoughtful and creative when we give ourselves room to fail and not take it as personally.

Second, as Francis and Krock mentioned, without side hustles we tend to rush things that shouldn't and, really, can't be rushed.  We're too focused on making things work versus seeing what actually work.

Finally, a side hustle allows us to have fun, and if we enjoy the process, we're more likely to create something our customers will enjoy, too. 

What side hustle are you excited to start today?