Concentrating is hard for everyone, especially when you have a full plate and you're juggling different needs. Somehow, though, people likely busier than you or me manage to be consistently productive.

Here's the secret: They unplug. Everything.

I'm actually thinking about taking the Internet out of my office entirely. The more you can make it harder for yourself to focus on anything else, that's valuable.

His daily unplugs are already working: Kaufman is a best-selling author (twice) and an in-demand consultant and speaker.

Equally driven entrepreneur Srivinas Rao, founder of the Unmistakable Creative, shared his own take:

Rao's cure? Turning off his phone for several hours every day, blocking social media and email from 7 pm - 10 am and deleting nearly every social media app from his phone. The writer says that he now is more productive than ever, pumping out thousands of words and leading his media company to new levels.

One of the most revered entrepreneurs revolutionized electronics while regularly leaving his own gadgets behind:

[Walking gadget-free] may help you work out knotty ideas or even ease the tension of a particularly sensitive conversation-Steve Jobs famously had his most important discussions on his feet.

But perhaps it is said best by Sam Altman, head of the powerful incubator Y Combinator:

Is staying plugged in 24/7 making you more or less productive?