In my book The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, I talk about feeling like an outlier as an older, stay-at-home dad becoming a first-time entrepreneur. I later realized that each entrepreneur has unique strengths based on their experiences. Now science confirms it.

Business Insider has an awesome infographic breaking down what your biggest strength is at each age. Think Millennials in hoodies are the ultimate entrepreneurs? Think again.

Here are some peak moments:

Age 18: Peak brain processing power. Here's to starting early! Understanding concepts and mental agility crest when you are just graduating high school. No wonder many legendary entrepreneurs dropped out of college, if not skipped it altogether, because they felt like they were wasting precious time.

Age 40: Making a Nobel Prize-winning discovery. The truth is that it takes life experiences to better understand what you can provide to the world - and that takes time. Your biggest impact will likely happen mid-life.

Age 51: Understanding people's emotions. Emotional intelligence is now respected as much as mental intelligence. Company culture usually reflects the maturity of the founders, so your older leadership would make for an even stronger business.