TED just announced its 2017 speakers for next month's conference. Know that the amount of talks are absolutely overwhelming, especially if you attend in person and cram in the 70-plus intense presentations.

Without a highly-coveted ticket, you'll have to wait until individual talks get uploaded. Luckily, TED will broadcast two speaking sessions live to movie theaters around the country. These are the big names you should care about.

Who: The Four-Hour Workweek author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss

The insight: Serious productivity strategies from interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brene Brown and hundreds of others on his podcast as well as his new best-seller, Tools of Titans.

Who: Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov

The insight: His historic, humbling defeat against the computer Deep Blue gives him a unique take on technology overpowering humans (not to mention his politically timely, strategic take on his homeland, Russia).

Who: Tennis champion Serena Williams

The insight: Like her Inc. cover sister Venus, Serena Williams balances the fame and fortune of sportsmanship with very considerate business savvy, similar to a public-facing CEO.

Who: Surgeon and author Atul Gawande

The insight: Gawande humanizes physicians and explains how they cope with extremely risky, high-stress situations - just like entrepreneurs.

Who: Musicians OK Go

The insight: The band will likely explain how they find creativity for their remarkable music videos, including the latest one that takes place in zero gravity.