Fear and growth cannot live in the same space. Listen to the most ambitious entrepreneurs, from Walt Disney to Thomas Edison, and the need to fulfill their vision outweighs the fear of failure, ridicule or loss. In fact, as I've written about before, the wisest entrepreneurs have no fear of you knowing exactly what they plan on doing.

Author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, in his best-selling book Tools of Titans, explains exactly why he's happy giving you all the insights he's gained on his road to success:

I often share exact under the hood details on how, for instance, I built the podcast or put together Kickstarter campaigns or so on. I do this for two reasons. One, it's rarely a zero-sum game, as in if someone wins, another person must lose. It's rarely that... and the more I help people with details, the more detailed help I receive in turn. Two, if it is competitive, I am simply offering the people details of my game.

My game is the key phrase here, and Ferriss walks the talk here: He has an exhaustive blog post called How I Built a #1-Ranked Podcast with 60M+ Downloads. Ferriss built a multimedia business from his self-help books and, more recently, a popular podcast. Can you write another The Four-Hour Work Week? I doubt it, simply because his success is based on good timing and, more importantly, a unique skillset.

Here's the thing: You have a unique skillset, too. As I talk about in my upcoming book, The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, your original blueprint - your history, your strengths and your perspective - will unlock the path to your success. For instance, I have two degrees in journalism, created independent businesses several times over and launched a successful startup while being a stay-at-home dad. It is why I am comfortable revealing it all in The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur (as well as in this very column!): I can help you get to where you need to be, as that is my intention, but I know no one can steal my success by simply copying what I've done because no one has experienced what I have. Your special sauce is yours alone.

And in those rare instances when I did have someone try to take my place, I had made such a concentrated effort on fulfilling my vision that it was nearly impossible for them to catch up to my place in the world.

Focus on creating a genuine expression based on your vision. Don't worry about anyone who is desperate or confused enough to copy, as the time and energy you already put in will outmatch any would-be new competitors.