Entrepreneurs are often driven from a young age, and while there may be a psychological makeup of the average one, all of us share a need to make a mark on the world. You, however, are the only one that knows why you want to make a mark on the world. It is essentially that you find out why you are driven.

Oprah's new book The Wisdom of Sundays takes the best of her Super Soul Sunday conversations. One quote, from spiritual guru Gary Zukav, explains why it is important for you to know why you do what you do.

When someone says, 'I want a bigger home,' it could be because I want to impress the neighbors or it could be because we've adopted four children and we want to give them more space.

You don't have to be wishing for success to provide for kids, but you do have to know your intention.

What is intent?

Intention is one of those tricky words that is worth thinking about it. It is why you put in the crazy hours. It is why you are determined to bring your idea to reality. It is, in short, the purpose for your actions.

When we carry out activities thoughtlessly, without aligning them with our conscious intention, these words and actions may no longer match our purpose. As a result, they may undermine what we hope to accomplish.

Think about the world leader who is bombing a country to create peace: The action itself will likely lead to more war and bloodshed. The intention may not really be peace, then, but dominance.

Why you need to know your intention

The most dangerous position to be in is to believe you have one intention, but to really be pursuing another. It falls into the most vulnerable place in the Johari window: What are things others recognize about me that I don't see in myself? If you are too blind to your own passions, then others could easily manipulate you based on them knowing what drives you more than anything else.

Some of the best ways to learn your intention is to create an honest brain trust, embrace personality systems and slow down enough to hear your own calling.