Daniel Pink has been a wise futurist time and time again, from the motivation-focused Drive to the gig-economy-predicting Free Agent Nation. In his new bestseller, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, he proposes an innovation called the Nappucino, which could innovate the coffee industry. Here's how he explains it on the Success Talks podcast:

"The ideal length of a replenishing nap... is 10-20 minutes. To turbo charge it, you can take a performance enhancing drug: Have a cup of coffee, then take a 20-minute nap. It is a nappucino. It takes about 20-25 minutes for that caffeine to get through your blood stream, so when you're waking up from that ideal 20-minute stretch, you get a double boost. Nappucino! I'm guessing Starbucks is going to have little napping stations soon."

Yes, it really works.

Nearly two years ago, the hotel chain Swissotel shared a great infographic on napping. One of the biggest highlights? The so-called coffee nap. Here's what I said at the time:

"Do coffee to ease heavy napping: Called a coffee nap, drink caffeine right before you lay down to help limit how long you sleep. Late-day coffee is recommended, anyway."

I've been a dedicated napper since grad school and, more recently, coffee has become part of my routine (especially after becoming a stay-at-home dad). Pink's term nappucino is the perfect description -- and it has been backed by both personal experience and science.

What's next for Starbucks?

Coffee nap rooms are already happening: Siesta and Go recently opened in Madrid, Spain, and there are smaller, less notable coffee houses that have ad hoc cots and couches for sleepy customers.

Remember, that extra-roasted (too much for some tastes) Starbucks coffee was inspired when visionary and twice-over CEO Howard Schultz got inspired in Milan, Italy.

Starbucks is relentlessly looking to innovate, from changing the coffee formula to, most recently, opening up a cashless store in Seattle (a trend you see at smaller coffee chains in San Francisco). Don't be surprised if you see little airport-style napping pods at your favorite Starbucks -- and you'll likely have Daniel Pink to thank for it.

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