Airports are usually uncomfortable transitions between where you are and where you want to be. We deal with it one of three ways: Get there as late as possible, get a potentially expensive lounge pass or get to an overpriced restaurant or another neutral area to relax.

Thankfully, a new trend is spreading fast: airport nap areas. Before you laugh, consider the power that a nap can have on our productivity, health and perception. Media mogul Arianna Huffington swears by sleep, something that becomes more crucial with travel since we are likely preparing for or analyzing after a meeting. 

According to USA Today, the nap pod startup Metronaps has installed nap stations in JetBlue's JFK terminal. Shaped like Pac-Man with a long reclining footrest, the Metronap pods block out sunlight and provide white noise. The JetBlue models will give free 20-minute sessions, though, after a year, they may begin charging per session.

Here's the great part: Several Canadian, European and Middle Eastern airports are adopting nap stations, too. 

Finally, nap stations can help solve the dilemma of getting a hotel room just to get an hour or two of sleep before you have to head to the airport. Nap pods may not replace a warm bed, but at least you can get a bit of rest before heading onto another plane - an option that can save you hundreds of dollars and provide lots of rest.