When I talk to potential entrepreneurs, often the biggest barrier to entry is not lack of resources or confidence in their idea. It is not feeling prepared. They need one more seminar, one more piece of research, one more co-sign from a trusted friend - and then they'll start pursuing their dream.

Of course, you're never completely ready. On a recent Good Life Project podcast, bestselling Love Warrior author Glennon Doyle Melton shared the two things you actually need:

It comes down to faith and sweat... It's like the balance between making something happen and letting something happen.

You do the work, the hard work, and then you have to let it go so serendipity can make something magical. I use a similar method with my public speaking: I outline my talk on index cards (which, ironically, was what my last TED walk was about), practice the heck out of it, and then put them away when I get onstage. I've memorized the talk by then, so I give myself room to improvise and get a feel for the experience once I get onstage. I am fully present.

Often we create so much structure that we don't have room to improvise, like in our schedules, or we create so little structure that things fall apart, like not actually planning for success. In fact, most of us plan too much before actually doing.

I shared this in a recent webinar (the replay is available for a limited time): You often have most of the skills you need to move forward with your business, your idea or your next goal.

The remaining skills you need almost always come after you've made the leap. There is no reason to wait until later.