"Minimalism" is probably the best theme for business travel today. Raised baggage fees, smaller seat space, and increasing hub congestion mean you have to be more efficient than ever with your planning.

The business supply outlet Quill has an excellent (and extensive!) infographic breaking down how you can be a masterful packer. It falls in line with my own take on smart travel.

The entire visual is below, but here are some of my favorite highlights:

  • Dressy shoes that can go day to night: The quip "It is better to be overdressed than underdressed" is absolutely true. Rather than bring sneakers or casual shoes, try buying comfortable dress shoes or adding smart soles to your current nice pair. Also, carrying multiple pairs of shoes is a serious waste of precious baggage space.
  • Roll your softer clothes: Folding turns your items into inflexible squares. By rolling your clothes, your goods fit into tighter, more efficient spaces.
  • Use showers to steam your wrinkled clothes: You need to shower anyway. It also keeps you from hunting for an iron on the road.
  • Stick to carry-ons whenever possible: It seems obvious with the baggage fees, but I know many travelers who assume they need a large bag for any trip over two days. Instead, pull out everything you need, then see if it could possibly fit in a carry-on. It saves money and, since you won't have to deal with baggage claim, it gets you to your destination faster.

See the full infographic below.