At first blush, national holidays seem like a great time to unplug, take a vacation, or reflect on your past. Instead, it could be the absolute best time to be productive: The phone stops ringing, the daily grind slows down, and you have the room to experiment with different strategic ideas.

Please enjoy yourself if you have family plans or need to relax to stave burnout. But if you're looking to do more while others are quite literally sleeping, then here are three ways to maximize your productivity.

Reconfigure: Holidays are an excellent time to reconfigure your standard approaches, from your social media plan to your customer acquisition strategy. There are a few reasons. First, not as many people are paying attention, so if you make a public flub, it likely will pass under the radar. Second, you have the space to experiment before things pick up again. When else will you have the opportunity to try something new? Take advantage of it.

Reconnect: Breaks are the perfect time to reach out to other people. Why? If they are fellow businesspeople, then they likely are also using the quiet time to actually get things done. As many colleagues have shared with me, it is amazing what you get done when you don't have to multitask your entire day. It also means that people are getting fewer emails and calls, which increases the chances of you getting a response. And I've seen amazing business deals and opportunities go down while everyone else was on holiday.

Reconsider: As I say in The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, "Been doing the same thing for five years without a break? Then you are organizing and prioritizing your work, and your career, based on whatever you learned a half decade ago." Take this vacation time to reconsider your strategies - and I mean blue sky ideas, like your mission, your annual goal or your ideal customer. Being invigorated after returning from holiday doesn't have to be from taking it easy. It can be from having a more crystallized vision, too.