Our rarest commodity isn't money, but time. How can we effectively and consistently get more time out of the day? It's what you mean when you wish there were two of you.

There are a million and one hacks on how to be more productive in your life, but podcaster Srinivas Rao recently wrote about one simple, effective way to have a more efficient life. Here is the Unmistakable Creative founder in a recent blog post:

Have you ever had a day when you've been connected to twitter, Facebook, and email from the moment you wake up until the moment you shut your computer down? And then instead of truly being unplugged, you're still connected via your smart phone until you struggle to fall asleep. The endless notifications cause an addictive surge of dopamine giving us a false sense of productivity, and a sense of fulfillment that doesn't last.

Rao's cure? Turning off his phone for several hours every day, blocking social media and email from 7 pm - 10 am and deleting nearly every social media app from his phone. The writer says that he now is more productive than ever, pumping out thousands of words and leading his media company to new levels.

Between family and advisor commitments, I am not able to go as far as Rao, but I have found my own way of staying away from the constant media deluge:

Unplugging is a surefire way to be more focused and productive. I discussed the detriments to heavy social media use in Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed With Documenting Our Lives Online, but it's worth personally seeing how eliminating online dist can actually improve your business and, perhaps, your life.

How can you be more present in your work today?